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A Fishing School in Morlaix !

One week before the fishing season begins for freshwater fishing (trout and salmon) in Finistère, the Morlaix Bay Association for Fishing and the Protection of the Waterways opened its Fishing School.

The youngsters will be putting their bait on the lines...

Morlaix Fishing School (L’école de pêche) is aimed at youngsters aged 10-18 who want to learn about this sport, or to improve their skills.

One year ago, thirty or so students from Suscinio 6th Form took part in the works to develop Mesquéau Lake, in Plougasnou. This lake, along with that of Sainte-Sève and the Moguérou pool at Plougonven, will be regular haunts for the youngsters. They are easy places to fish and they are regularly restocked.
As they learn and improve, they’ll progress to the rivers: the Douron, the Jarlot, the Penzé, the Queffleuth and the Coatoulzac’h. The Fishing School students will be able to practise and perfect their newly-acquired skills.

Pêche à la mouche en lac

But of course, if you’re going to fish, you need to know how to bait!
Fishing Workshops are led by a qualified instructor. Eric Hamon has worked as a Fishing and Nature guide for several years, and can help people to leanr about three different fishing techniques:

  • Angling
  • Lure fishing
  • Fly fishing

"The first sessions take place on the lake and then, little by little, we take the youngsters out on the rivers," he explains.
Their training also includes being taught about the surrounding flora and fauna, "because a good understanding of the ecosystem is all part and parcel of fishing know-how, including how to attract the fish.
"The aim of this Fishing School is first and foremost to train young people so that they can fish on their own, while also developing their passion for fishing and instilling eco-responsible ethics."

No kill, pêche, Penzé

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