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A Wolf in the Arrée Mountains

In Brittany as in many other countries, the wolf has always excited interest. Fear, curiosity, inspiration, veneration... throughout the ages, there are countless descriptions of wolves, revealing how we perceive the animal and its world.
The Wolf Museum (Musée du loup) in the Arrée Mountains of Brittany is the only museum of its kind in France, exploring the fascinating world of ’canis lupus’ in an original way.

From wolf to museum

In Brittany, the Arrée Mountains are famous for being a land of legends. It is also where, in the town of Cloître Saint-Thégonnec, the very last fee for slaying a wolf was awarded in 1884.

Ardoisières des Monts d'Arrée, Bretagne

A brief history

In 1986, the naturalist Edouard Lebeurier left all his archives to the custodian of the Landes du Cragou Reserve, François De Beaulieu.

In 1991, the Mayor of Cloître Saint-Thégonnec, along with the organisation SEPNB-Bretagne Vivante and the Parc Régional d’Armorique, created an exhibition for summer, entitled ’The Wolf and the Landscape’. In 1992, the exhibition was prolonged, and so ’The House of Landscapes and Wolves’ was born.

In 2000, the museum doubled its surface area, creating 400 m² of exhibition space and in 2001, The Wolf Museum was officially inaugurated.

In 2013, France celebrated 1200 years since the creation of the Louveterie (Royal Wolf-hunters), and The Wolf Museum closed for a complete refurbishment.

Finally, on the 30th of April 2014, the new-look Wolf Museum opened its doors to the public.

musee du loup, monts d'arrée, Bretagne

Between myth and modernity

With a 400m² exhibition space, a trail through staged sets modernised with various elements and multimedia equipment, there are different levels of information for all members of the family, making this a unique museum showing wolves in fairytales, legends and even bioversity.

Through an open-minded and unbiased approach, this is a fascinating story. It’s not a wolf park, but you are entering into a ’wild’ world through video documentaries, a fabulous collection of objects, books, works of art, and tales that have been handed down.

From the howling wolf to werewolves

The howl of a wolf is a haunting sound and it can be heard by anyone. An unforgettable moment to send a shiver down the spine of the whole family or all your friends.

The new museum also includes an augmented reality area and ’morphing’ zone that concentrates on the legend of the werewolf, an experience that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

Exhibitions and events in tandem

With its improved, fun approach, The Wolf Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions and events.

Find the dates and details online in the Online Events Listings

musée du loup, empreinte de loup, monts d'arrée, Bretagne

Practical Info

Musée du Loup
1 rue du calvaire
29410 Le Cloître-Saint-Thégonnec

Tel fixe : 02 98 79 73 45
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Description :

At the foot of the Arrée Mountains, the Wolf Museum will help you learn all about this fascinating creature, so different from the big, bad wolf of fairytales and legends. The museum now boasts a brand-new visitor experience, with a new atmosphere and a fresh tone. In just an hour and a half, it’s possible to discover the life of the wolf but also to learn about the collection of traditions concerning this fascinating creature. Its way of life, its biology, the protection of certain species and also the image of the wolf in fairytales: this museum offers a complete portrait of the animal. Thanks to this original experience, you can get up close to stuffed wolves and improve your knowledge. You can look at the reconstruction of a wolf den, and help some sheep to escape from the wolf! Through the interactive exhibits, you can morph yourself into a half-man-half-beast and see yourself on the screen next to a real wolf.

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