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Barnenez Cairn, a burial chamber older than the Pyramids

This cairn is one of the earliest lasting structures in Europe. Measuring between 20 and 25 metres across and 6 metres high, the Cairn of Barnenez gazes over Morlaix Bay from its vantage point at Plouézoc’h.

The Kernéléhen Peninsula in Plouézoc’h is dominated by the awesome presence of monumental historic site, discovered in 1955.

Cairn de Barnenez, plouezoch, Bretagne

The imposing architecture stretches for 75 metres and dates back to 5000 BC, a period that in Europe also brought the first polished stones, agriculture and animal husbandry. The long corridors of this cairn led to chambers that are believed to have been used for either burials or initiation ceremonies.

The Cairn is in fact made of two adjoining cairns, built and used successively. This incredible mausoleum bears witness to the Neolithic funereal traditions as well as the quality of art and craftsmanship found among the early dwellers in this area.

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Grand Cairn de Barnenez
29252 Plouezoc'h

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Built 6,000 years ago, this monument is 75m long and 28m wide, and stands as a testament to an unexpected level of engineering know-how. Eleven corridor tombs are hidden within its titanic facade, some of which bear engraved messages that have yet to be understood.
Don’t miss this Neolithic masterpiece, nicknamed ‘the Prehistoric Parthenon’ and considered the oldest mausoleum in Europe!

Latitude : 48.6676682
Longitude : -3.8580894