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Château du Taureau, an island fortress

A unique visit to one of Brittany’s most iconic monuments, an island fortress in the dazzling waters of Morlaix Bay.

The French Alcatraz - and one you can visit!

A rather disturbing silhouette dominates Morlaix Bay: a granite fortress, a great stone structure that asserts itself on the Morlaix skyline.... this is the Château du Taureau. And the great news is – you can visit it!

From April onwards, you can take a trip to explore this symbolic monument, even though its first purpose was to discourage all visitors. Take a boat from Carantec (the Plage du Kelen) or from Plougasnou (Port du Diben), and find a monument that has been faithfully restored.

chateau du taureau vu du ciel, Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne

In setting of dazzling beauty, this trip explains all about the 7 lives of Taureau. Built way back in the 16th century to protect this propersous town from English invaders, it became by turns an outpost, a holiday centre, a prison and even a centre for nautical sports...

Step back in time...

Follow the visit of Henri Bideau, your guide for visiting the Château du Taureau.


In summer, a theatre company called Théâtre de la Corniche set up a programme of one-off events such as theatrical visits, musical evenings and even guided walks with tales and talks.
There are also ornithological events set up by a group called Bretagne Vivante. Such events bring a breath of new life to this ancient place and offer exciting memories to old and young alike.

chateau du taureau, Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne

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Château du Taureau
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