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Tried & Tested: Flipper Trips in Morlaix Bay!

Head for Plougasnou in Morlaix Bay for a snorkelling and flipper trip known here as ’balade à la palme’. You don’t need much: flippers, mask, snorkel - and a wetsuit, to withstand the cold water!

On a sunny afternoon, the whole family has finally come together for the holidays, and it has been decided that they’ll mark the occasion by treating themselves to an unusual and unforgettable outing. For this, they need to find something that everyone can enjoy...

Take the plunge!

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Balade à la palme, snorkeling en Baie de Morlaix

These flipper trips seem interesting - why not try that? The meeting point is in front of the diving school in the charming Diben port, where we find Dominique, our guide, a qualified instructor for whom the marine depths hold no fear and no secrets!
After a little briefing about what to expect we head off to get into our wetsuits (provided as part of the trip). The great bonus is that everything is provided! Even better, they have every size you can imagine. Kitted out with our wetsuits, flippers, masks and snorkels, we head back to the little beach on the quayside.

Let the show begin!

Before our eyes, a light and clear water, through which all the treasures fo the sea reveal themselves as if through a magical show just for us: starfish, seagrass; fish, crabs, seaweed….
Dominique guides us step by step - or flipper by flipper - through the various flora and fauna of this underwater world. We glide along, each in their own time among the rocks and strands of kelp. The wetsuits keep us warm and comfortable and after 90 minutes (already? it went so quickly!) we head back to shore.

We are all grinning and delighted with the beautiful show that we saw, all just so close all this time yet we’d never have guessed how rich and spectacumlar it was. One thing’s for cure: trips like this that are magical and safely organised, is something we’ll be asking for again!

The Diving School also organises other trips that are just as wonderful. So why not head out to the Château du Taureau, on board a boat? That said, it’d also be good to go off in search of the seals around the Méloine Rocks.... well, we’ll just have to keep coming back until we’ve tried them all!

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