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Hochwertige Hotels

Hôtel de Carantec (4-star) and Patrick Jeffroy’s Restaurant **

This beautiful 1930s residence places the sea into a panoramic view, to the great delight of all its guests. Overlooking Morlaix Bay and Kelenn Beach, this hotel offers twelve luxurious bedrooms, five of which have a balcony. Each bedroom is named after one of the islands in the Bay and is decorated in a unique style, from traditional French Toile de Jouy to a Japanese Zen calm, from four-poster hideaways to fresh maritime themes, you’ll find a room where you feel at home.

hotel luxe Carantec, Patrick Jeffroy {JPEG}

Here, between the land and the sea, you can taste all the flavours of the Bay and the produce of the market-garden lands of Léon; this hotel is where you’ll find the famous chef Patrick Jeffroy, winner of two Michelin stars. Imagine a delicious meal served to you as you enjoy a seemingly-endless view of the bay and its islands - the restaurant lulls you into relaxation and a true appreciation of each dish, while Jeffroy’s inventive flavour combinations will undoubtedly stay with you for years.

There are plenty of other activities in easy reach: golf, tennis, sailing, diving, walking and sea-fishing to name but a few.

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The Grand Hôtel des Bains (4-star) in Locquirec

In the style of a turn-of-the-century spa resort, the Grand Hôtel des Bains has an unparalleled position right on the seafront. Overlooking the beautiful Locquirec Bay and the Roche Tombée Beach, the hotel has 36 elegant and luxuriously-appointed bedrooms, most of which have a private balcony, with views of the sea and the gardens.

grand hotel des bains, Locquirec, Finistère, Bretagne {JPEG}

This charming hotel offers a personal service, a marine balneotherapy spa and fitness zone, a large seawater pool that is heated all year round, practically-private beach access and a delicious quality cuisine.

Famously featured in Michel Lang’s French film ’L’Hôtel de la Plage’, this hotel offers the luxury of sea views at every turn and the time to enjoy it. The star of many an article on interior design and styling, artists and writers often come for inspiration from this dream setting. For many guests, this has become their secret garden in Brittany!

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