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Carantec’s Pitch and Putt

After months of construction work, the new greens are finally here and ready to use at Carantec Golf Course.

We’re talking, of course, about the new Pitch and Putt.

What exactly is a Pitch and Putt?

Technically, the Pitch and Putt is a compact version of the golf course. The entire course is 600 m long, and the distance between each green measures from 45 to 90 metres (as opposed to nearly 500 metres on a classic golf course). Less costly to construct, the course is also less costly to maintain particularly thanks to the synthetic surface that has been chosen here at Carantec. The good news is that the surface takes away nothing from the pleasure of the game, because the high-spec synthetic surface is the result of the very latest technological advances.

Pitch and Putt golf Carantec

A fun and educational approach to golf

With the reduced size of the golf course, the time it takes to play is also shorter. One round of Pitch & Putt takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes, instead of 2 hours for a classic nine-hole round of golf (and two hours instead of four hours for an 18-hole round of golf).

This means that you can finally work on your swing in your lunchtime!

The Pitch and Putt offers a simpler approach to golf and one that is far more accessible to beginners. In one or two swings you on the green! Those who have already played will also enjoy the Pitch and Putt as an opportunity for improving their moves, such as approaches and putting, and developing their precision.

Here at Carantec, they have chosen to create a nine-hole course that is both immaculately maintained and fun to play, as each hole offers its own difficulties, such as bunkers and bumps.

Pitch and Putt golf Carantec

What do you need to play, and how much will it cost?

This type of golf appeared in 1929 in Ireland, to make golf accessible to all social classes. And it’s still the case today. A Pitch and Putt course can be played with just two or three clubs and the putter (rather than 14 clubs), so it requires far less initial investment. Overall, taking up Pitch and Putt as a hobby will cost about half the price of conventional golf.

Carantec Golf Course invites you to come and discover this new accredited facility by offering you different formulas. :

  • A set-price lesson with access to the Pitch and Putt plus hire of golf clubs for an initial taster session
  • A year-long membership specifically for the Pitch and Putt soyou can come and practise regularly
  • A green fee so you can come and practice occasionally, without signing up, ideal for people who already know how to play (with an option of hiring golf clubs).

Practical info

Golf de Carantec
Rue François Kergrist 29660 Carantec
Tel: 0033 (0)2 98 67 09 14

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Golf de Carantec, Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne

Photo Credits: Violaine Vart, Alexandre Lamoureux.