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Summer Exhibitions at the Maison Penanault

In Brittany’s beautiful coastal town of Morlaix, the historic building Maison Penanault (which also houses the Tourist Office) is holding two exhibitions until October 2016: "Lignes de vie" (Life Lines) by Jean-Claude Faujour and "Lignes d’acier" (Steel Lines) by the German sculptor Robert Schad.

Maison Penanault, a space for exhibitions and discoveries

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exposition Jean-Claude Faujour à Morlaix

Now in its second year of opening, Maison Penanault has a pattern of two annual temporary exhibitions connected with the natural, cultural and artistic heritage of Morlaix Bay, which has been recognised as an ‘Area of Art and History’.

Jean-Claude Faujour, archaeologist-painter

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exposition Jean-Claude Faujour à Morlaix

Jean Claude Faujour, a contemporary Breton painter who has settled in the Arrée Mountains, paints like an archaeologist: he digs around to discover our history.
He excavates his memory in search of clues and practises a ‘mental archaeology’ of conservation, in the heat of the moment. He treats each ‘find’ like a deliverance.
This is how his works are born, works like "colza stories", "nervures du rêve", "codes maritimes internationaux", "kroaz hent" and "archéologies mentales".

His paintings incorporate signs, traces and symbols that become the alphabet of a language. In his "matière tableau", he etches our history, the traces of our passage and the prints we leave behind. He inscribes life, death, hopes and despairs. He exorcises fears.
Jean-Claude Faujour meanders through his paintings like a farmer walking around his fields, keeping a watchful eye on the small green line where the wheat is coming to life.
To find out more about Jean-Claude Faujour

Robert Schad and his "Steel Lines", between heritage and natural spaces

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exposition Robert Schad à Morlaix

In the space of contemporary works, Robert Schad draws steel lines that are straight, broken or twisted, lines that are both massive and ethereal. The shadow play on the walls and the appearance of veins on blocks of schist or granite accentuate this propulsion, this lightness and the architecture of the works on show. As with "Sgrit Morim", the three metallic sculptures by Robert Schad installed in the courtyard at Maison Penanault are esthetic and integrate perfectly in this space that is both open and enclosed.

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exposition Robert Schad à Morlaix

Morlaix is a key step in any Breton itinerary, a stopoff between land and sea, where 40 monumental artistic sculptures are presented across 10 sites heritage sites and exceptional natural spaces, including Maison Penanault, the Abbaye du Relec, and the Château de Kerjean.

This contemporary art exhibition dedicated to a German artist is the largest ever seen in France. It came about thanks to an exceptional partnership between the heritage group "Les Chemins du Patrimoine en Finistère", the arts association "l’Art à la Pointe" and "Les Compagnons de l’Abbaye de Bon Repos".

Pratical info

  • Exhibition ‘Life Lines’ by J-C Faujour, runs until 26th October 2016.
  • Exhibition by Robert Schad runs until 15th October 2016.

Free entry, during the Tourist Office opening hours:

  • May and October: 9am-12.30pm and 2pm-6pm from Monday to Saturday.
  • June and September: 9am-12.30pm and 2pm-6.30pm from Monday to Saturday.
  • July and August: 9am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday. 10am-6pm Sundays and French Bank Holidays.

Maison Penanault – Office de tourisme
10 place Charles de Gaulle 29600 – Morlaix – FRANCE
TEL: +33 (0)2 98 62 14 94

Photography credits: Photos of Robert Schad by Hervé Ronné for Morlaix Communauté