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Locquirec beaches

At Locquirec, there are nine very different beaches: great stretches of fine sand, hidden creeks tucked behind rocks... something for everyone!

La plage du Port

La plage du Port is one of the few beaches to offer an amphibian wheelchair known as a "hippocampe" (for people of reduced mobility) available from the lifeguard cabin, which you’ll see has ’SNSM’ written on it.
Plage de Locquirec, bretagne

La Plage de la roche tombée: is behind the port, at the start of the coastal path. This is a pretty beach in the middle of some spectacular rocks, and as it faces east it’s perfect for a morning dip.

La plage du Bilou and la plage de la Palud are two charming creeks at the point of the Château. They can be reached on foot from the coastal path and are ideal for those who are looking for a quiter, less accessible spot.
plage de la palud Locquirec, Bretagne

La plage de Pors ar villiec: between the Pointe du Château and the Pointe du Corbeau, this beach attracts families as the children love playing in the rockpools. Others prefer scouring the beach for shellfish and tiny shrimp that appear at low tide. Those who are more energetic will certainly appreciate the impressive curls and waves that give this beach its reputation as a surf destination.

La plage des sables Blancs is, as the name suggests, a beach of fine white sand. It’s situated along the coastal path and is popular with surfers and families alike, and even has lifeguard surveillance in summer. Facing west, it’s a great place to sit and enjoy and lazy sunset.

La Plage du moulin de la rive get its name from the mill that used to stand here. It’s north-facing with pebbles and rocks, the sea can be very powerful here, so take care - especially with children.

La plage de Poul Rodou: this is found at the far end of Locquirec, and it’s a peaceful family beach. The famous café-bookshop "Caplan" can be founded just above this beach.

La plage du Fond de la Baie: this is a large beach of fine white sand, bordering the municipal campsite.

La plage de Traon Velin: near to the port, this is another shingle-stone beach, with the added delight of fishermen’s cabins.

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