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Locquirec’s Sailing School

Locquirec’s Sailing School nurtures future champions and reveals the joy of sailing to young would-be sailors. Those passionate about sailing will appreciate the magnificent waters around Locquirec, mostly sheltered from the winds and totally secure for learning to sail.

Depending on the ages and experience of the participants, Locquirec is the place to learn with Optimist sailing dinghies, with windsufs, catamarans and more, all great for learning about the sea, the wind, boardsports and technique. In addition, this area has particularly marked tides and is placed at the mouth of the Douron River, leading to a rich and varied marine life.

Locquirec’s Sailing School offers courses during the school holidays

  • 5 sessions of two and a half hours, Monday to Friday during Easter holidays
  • 6 sessions of two hours Monday to Saturday during Summer holidays.
  • The timetables are confirmed in the spring, according to the tides.
  • Experienced, qualified instructors provide the training.
  • Teaching favours practical activities.
  • Theoretical support is also given, along with commentaries and debriefings.

Le Club Moussaillons

  • For those aged 4+ years.
  • Discovering about boats, sailing and the marine environment (fishing, aquarium…)
  • A qualified monitor looks after the children (1 adult with 6 children) in suitable craft (prame caravelle and optimists).

Optimist sailing dinghies

  • For those aged 7+ years.
  • 1 or 2 groups (depending on their ages), with one or more qulified instructors.
  • 1 advanced group with an additional qualified instructor.


  • For those aged 8 to 88.
  • Floats, boats and boards: light and adapted to suit all ages and all body types.
  • A beginner’s group and an advanced group working with 3 qualified instructors.
  • Material: ’new wave’ boards that are wide, light, stable, easy-to-use and perform well.

The dinghy

  • From 12 years (depending on experience).
  • Beginners and Advanced working solo (Lasers).
  • Beginners and Advanced in paris: Sliders.


  • 1 beginners group: New Cat F1 (12+ years).
  • 1 advanced group: New Cat F1 (teenagers and adults).
  • Sports Catamaran (14+ years): Hobie Cat 16 and Dart 16.

Additional activities during school holidays

  • Kit hire during opening hours (July & August).
  • Regattas and competitions (July & August).
    école de voile de Locquirec, Bretagne


Locquirec Sailing School trains between 6 and 12 state-qualified instructors every year. Around 80% of them come from sports schools; others are summer sportspeople who have been selected because of their ability and their passion for teaching. This recruitment method is a gauge of quality: the previous instructors ensure that their skills and know-how are gradually communicated to the younger instructor; the newcomers rapidly get up to speed and can teach others, having already picked up ’good habits’ from the Sailing School as well as a greater knowledge of the waters and its conditions regarding weather and tides.


A natural follow-on from learning to swim, sailing is a great way to improve your mastery of the water and to develop watersports - so sailing for school-children has many facets:

  • collective activities that require team work and looking out for one another help to reinforce the social skills of each child.
  • Getting to grips with a ’new support’ (Optimist, board or catamaran) gives a child the chance to discover new technology and equipment.
  • Discovering an environment that they must learn to respect helps children to be aware of safety at all times.
  • Learning to handle a boat in and out of the water and taking into account the effects of the wind, teaches children how to adapt to their environment, their space, and how to get their bearings. Finally, because sailing is, above all, a sport, children have to push their boundaries and rise to new challenges. With this in mind, each session includes reminders about safety, then games and exercises that are designed to help each child assimilate notions of balance, direction and propulsion. The various manoeuvres are tackled so that each child can gradually develop his or her autonomy when handling a boat.


The Sports Section includes around 50 competitors using various equipment: Optimist, Laser, 420, windsurfs and catamarans. Thee are various levels, from local competitions to international levels. Locquirec Sailing School won more medals than any other Breton club in 2009 and 2010. Check out the latest competition results...

Location and Contact Details

Locquirec Bay: sheltered waters, open to Lannion Bay, in functional premises with a reception, activity room, cloakroom and sai centre.
Offices open in summer: 10.30 -12.30 and5pm-7pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday plus Sunday. 10.30-12.30 and 2pm-7pm on Saturdays.
Contact the Sailing School, known in French as l’École de Voile de Locquirec Tel. 00+33 (0)2 98 67 44 57
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