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Maritime & more at the Musée de Carantec

This museum was established in 1988 to collect and present objects found on underwater expeditions to the wreck of the ship "L’Alcide", a ship from St Malo that went down in 1747.

Carantec and Shipbuilding

One room is dedicated to shipbuilding tradition of Carantec, a traditional activity that continues to this day; another room shows models of many ancient vessels, foreign ships, navigational instruments and examples of work carried out by the deckhands of old sailing ships.
Musée maritime de Carantec, Bretagne

The Sibiril Resistance Network

One of the exhibition spaces is specially dedicated to the Réseau Sibiril. During the German Occupation, this section of the French Resistance enabled nearly 200 individuals to cross to England (including 5 women) who wanted to support the Allies in their fight. For the transport, 15 fishing boats were adapted and prepared by the Sibiril shipyards, one of which - the Requin - is on display in this room.

Every year, there is a temporary exhibition on the 1st floor of the museum.

Easter, July and August
Open every afternoon 2.30pm - 6.30pm except Thursday.
Adults: 3€, Children: 1.50€ (12-8 years), FREE for 0-11 year olds.
Group rate 2.50€ per person; please visit Finistere Tours

Practical Info

Le Musée Maritime de Carantec
8 rue Albert Louppe
29660 Carantec

Tel fixe : 02 98 67 00 43
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