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Morlaix Bay in winter: storms and a guaranteed adrenaline rush!

Discover Morlaix Bay in winter and make the most of a fantastic storm! It’s a unique spectacle that you have to see at least once in your lifetime...

In winter, the seaside is deserted; only a few people are out walking - alone or with their dogs - making the most of the fresh sea air. It’s a great time to boost your energy by exploring one of the world’s most beautiful bays.

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tempête d’hiver en baie de Morlaix Bretagne

In winter, enjoy the storm-show in Morlaix Bay.

Winter in Brittany’s Morlaix Bay can offer four seasons in one day. Sometimes the famous Breton drizzle arrives and coats the coastal pine tree and the heathers. Often, the ocean climate refreshes the coasts with powerful gusts from the North Atlantic or warms us with the heat of the Gulf Stream. Long swathes of heavy cloud that dance in the storms are often pierced by sudden rays of sunshine.

For many, this is Brittany in all its splendour: at turns wild, brilliant and violent. This is the season when Brittany shows its true self, its strength of character and authenticity.

From November, the first winter storms come to greet the coast.

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ecumes de mer en baie de Morlaix Bretagne

The first gusts of 80km-an-hour winds make the oaks and umbrella pines dance. The sea swells and froths in a snow of salty seafoam. This is a perfect time to discover Nature’s spectacle, to fill your lungs with fresh air all along the coast. Wrapped up warm in a winter coat and scarf, locals and holidaymakers alike head to Morlaix Bay to look at the turbulent sea from the safety of the shore.

The bursts of wind slow your pace, redden your cheeks and bring the seasalt to your lips.
There’s no point in bringing an umbrella: it would simply take flight as quickly as the swallows.

A ringside seat!

At Diben Point in Plougasnou you’ll find a promontory that offers an exceptional viewpoint for this natural spectacle. Here, when the storms come, nature is at her best and it makes for quite a show.

Below, the boats wait on their moorings, sheltered in the harbour. The furious waves crash against the harbour wall. The reefs act as trampolines, and it seems the waves compete to see who can reach the highest. On the horizon, it’s hard to tell the sky from the sea. The sea goes from midnight blue to grass-green, while the seafoam drifts like snow, sparkling in the sun’s rays.
That’s quite a postcard image and even better when you see it with your own eyes...

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Grande marée au port du Diben Plougasnou Baie de Morlaix Bretagne Finistère

Admire the show - but don’t be taken by surprise!

Despite the beauty of the surroundings, danger is never far away. Never risk getting too close to the water for a better photo, or a ’super selfie’. The unpredictable wind, the turbulent sea and the underwater currents make this a risky environment.

Here is some advice from our friends at the Coastguard Station in Primel-Plougasnou to help us enjoy these storms in safety:

’You have to remember to be humble in the face of Nature. Stay vigilant and be aware of the force of the wind, of the sea, and the tons of water that are crashing down.’ ’Don’t take unnecessary risks, especially not to get a quick photo for fun, for a dare or for an adrenaline rush.’

Don’t walk on the shoreline, and definitely stay away from the harbour walls.
If you see a notice warning you to stay away from the coast, pay attention: it’s there for a reason!

To alert the emergency services and sea rescue, the new number is 196.

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vedette SNSM à Plougasnou, baie de Morlaix

To admire Nature’s thrilling winter display around Morlaix Bay, we can recommend the following viewpoints:

In Plougasnou:

  • Pointe de Primel
  • Port Blanc or Pointe d’Annalouesten

In Carantec:

  • Pointe de Penn al Lann
  • La chaise du curé

In Locquirec:

  • Pors ar Villiec
  • From the Viewpoint on the Route de la Corniche (between the ’Moulin de la rive’ and ’Poul Rodou’)

It only remains for us to wish you a fine time watching the storms along the coast. Enjoy the show and let yourself feel utterly re-energised!