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Tried and tested: Morlaix Bay by schooner!

After having defied gravity in our ’tried and tested’ visit to the treetop adventure park in Penzé, it’s time for the ocean waves and a visit around Morlaix Bay - on a 9 metre schooner. The team at the Tourist Office swapped their trainers and treetop safety harnesses for some lifejackets!

All aboard!

Leaving from Kelenn beach in Carantec, we head out with Carantec Nautisme aboard the schooner Fillao, which is moored up ready and waiting for its latest crew members. Set sail with île Callot or the coastal point of Penn a Lann to portside, the Château du Taureau, île Louët and the ornithological reserve to starboard... everywhere you look there’s a fantastic view, and straight ahead of you, the ocean as far as the eye can see.
fillao, voile en Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne
After a few minutes’ grace admiring the beauty of the landscapes, it’s time to get working!
Steady on the helm, hoist the mainsail, ease out the sheets: all these instructions can be carried out by even the most novice of amateur crew-members, and give a real sense of participation! Th key thing is to follow the orders given by Hugues, our Skipper for this amazing adventure.
You’ll be accompanied by a professional, experienced skipper who is used to navigating around the Bay: " This area is known for being one of the most dangerous to navigate: the countless tiny islands, often invisible at high tide, coupled with the currents here make it hard work for even the most experienced navigators! " confides Hugues.
Alice aux manoeuvres, fillao à Carantec
How did the ’Château du Taureau’ get its name? What are those funny stones painted white that we can see on the coast? How can I spot an oyster farm? What kinds of birds nest on île Ricard? As well as experiencing the sensations of sailing, you’re sure to have plenty of questions about the riches of this unique, protected natural landscape as well as the humans who have lived here and shaped the land over the course of many centuries. All questions are welcome, leading to a rich and varied exchange on the high seas.

Points to remember:

fillao voile à Carantec, Morlaix, Bretagne
Carantec Nautisme offers the chance to thread your way through the Bay, from the île de Batz to Diben port, from Trégor to Léon. Whether you want todiscover the joys of sailing, gather a bit of sailing terminology and simply enjoy the experience of being at sea with its unique views of the Bay then this outing will leave you happy.
A professional skipper will plan and agree your course with you for this half-day outing, depending on your preferences, interests and the weather conditions on the day.
Small groups: 4 people minimum - 10 people maximum.
You can sign up even if you’re on your own, and we’ll create a group with other people so that we form a brand new crew.
Who is it for? For beginners as much as for those with their sea-legs, everyone can try the manoeuvres depending on how much they want to do. It’s a great activity for families and for groups of friends. The time spent on board, however, could make it tiring for children under the age of ten.
The schooner: this is a 9-metre fillao with asymetric spinaker, giving the advantage fo great manœuvrability even with just one person. There is no cabin or toilet, this is an open vessel.
What to wear: we advise outdoor clothing with thermal or a fleece plus a waterproof coat. The lifejacket and all-in-one are included in the price of your outing.

Prices and how to sign up:

Sign up at the Centre nautique 02 98 67 01 12 or at the Tourist Office on 02 98 67 00 43.
Contact us to find out what days and times are next available.
Prices: 25€ per person, - 12.50€ for children under 10 years.
Chèques Vacances are accepted as payment or part payment.

Photo credit: Poloalbum