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Patrick Jeffroy, our Carantec chef with two Michelin stars

Winner of two Michelin stars, chef Patrick Jeffroy lights up French cuisine from his own corner of Brittany, perched on the heights of Carantec.

Renowned as the industry benchmark when it comes to preparing fish, Patrick Jeffroy has held on to all the flavours of his childhood, the flavours of Brittany, which he reinvents according to his inspiration and his travels further afield. Here, we meet this passionate chef, for whom Carantec has been a showcase for his inventive and audacious cuisine over the last ten years and more.

45 years in the business and as passionate as ever

Patrick Jeffroy à Carantec, Bretagne

The boundless love that he brings to cooking and to his ingredients dates back to his earliest childhood, in his Grandmother’s vegetable garden in Saint-Martin des Champs, and from his time on Guerzit Beach in Plougasnou, where he had already learned to savour seaweed and keep the flavour of the seaside on his tastebuds.

Discovering vegetables and their artistic shapes, the magic of a cast-iron cooking pot on the hob and the tempting smells of roasting meat are the childhood memories at the heart of this lifelong career.

Just after turning 15, Patrick began his apprenticeship through various chance encounters and learning on the job. What does he remember most from his time as a young apprentice chef? The fine cuisine so clearly orientated towards seafood from M. Bohic of the Hôtel Porspol in Carantec. Another revelation was the refined and gourmet cuisine of chef Nicolas at the Auberge du Poher on Carhaix port. These values and influences have remained with Patrick ever since.

Patrick Jeffroy à Carantec, Bretagne

After that, he worked with several great chefs in his native Brittany, which notably included the Kerliviou restaurant in Locquénolé, also a Michelin-starred establishment at one point. A great traveller, Patrick explored France and other countries, spending two years on the Ivory Coast and noteworthy periods in Paris, Val d’Isère and the Forêt de Compiègne where he learnt to prepare Game dishes.

Gathering Michelin stars

In 1979, once again in his homeland of Morlaix Bay, he was appointed chef of the Restaurant de l’Europe and earned his first Michelin star in 1984. He was celebrated in the media and major newspapers thanks to a revolutionary recipe that was mostly inspired by his considerable interest in the history of humanity and cooking. He became the precursor for cooking fish on polished pebbles, an idea that came straight from a work by Claude Levi-Strauss, ‘The Raw and the Cooked’.

He then left Morlaix in 1988 to set up his own establishment in Plounérin, and was awarded another Michelin star one year later. It was in 2000 that the chef discovered the view from the Hôtel de la Falaise, an elegant 1930s property in Carantec, and fell hopelessly in love with it.

Hôtel de Carantec, Patrick Jeffroy, Bretagne

Renamed L’Hôtel de Carantec, the property was given a makeover with a streamlined style that enhanced the panoramic seaview: this is how the Carantec Adventure began 13 years ago. After that, everything moved rather quickly: in 2001, the establishment gained its first Michelin star and in 2002, its ‘subtle blend of classicism and well-mastered inventiveness’ earned Patrick a second star in the famous Michelin Guide.

Champion of Brittany and an intrepid adventurer

Patrick Jeffroy personifies the best of Breton values: passion for the sea, for travel and for discovery, but also a strong attachment to this land with its defined cultural identity and strong traditions.

A lover of fresh produce and staunch champion of Brittany as a region, he loves to team up the best from the soil with the best from the sea. Patrick was the first chef, thirty years ago, to serve Guémené chitterlings and red mullet on the same plate; he loves to exploit and challenge the flavour potential offered by Brittany’s natural resources. Still in keeping with the tastes of his own childhood, he reinvents our regional cuisine, those simple and rustic peasant dishes, with a flair that is fresh every time.

Porridge, buttermilk, pork products, shellfish, the Pink Onion of Roscoff, artichokes, cauliflowers: there’s a great range of high-quality, local produce on his tables on his inspiration seems to know no limits. To this, the intrepid voyager adds his exotic overseas discoveries, gathered on a trip to Asia or a stopover in South America. His passion for Japan and cooking with seaweed is also clear in his dishes, where this ingredient is enhanced but never overwhelmed by what he chooses to add to it. According to Gault et Millau, Patrick Jeffroy’s cooking has ‘the intelligence of the sea, [...] which means he can find combinations that are harmonious, new, established, spicy, Asian, botanical, farmhouse-inspired, exotic…’.

Whatever the dish, his guiding principle of staying close to nature is always in evidence.

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