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Plougonven’s secret eaterie: La Crêperie de Jeanne

Situated south-east of Morlaix, Plougonven is renowned for its unique parish churchyard dating from 1554 (including the second oldest stone cross monument in Brittany).

Since June 2011, however, this country hideaway has been home to another gem: a restaurant serving crêpes - the Breton speciality of wafer-thin pancakes. ’La Crêperie de Jeanne’ welcomes you to a culinary journey to discover - or rediscover - Brittany’s finest flavours.

A new breath of life to inland Brittany!

Far from the hectic pace of Parisian life, here in this quiet Finistère village between Morlaix Bay and the Arrée Mountains, Catherine Beuzit chose to open her very own crêperie. A dream, a project, a change of career and a risk that many said was a step too far! Nevertheless, here in this heartland of flavours and fresh produce, the setting is inevitably a source of inspiration.

La Crêperie de Jeanne gets its name from Catherine’s grandmother but it also pays tribute to her own parents. Between her grandparents’ watermill and farming work, and her parents’ fish-breeding work, Catherine knows all about striving for excellence.

Having grown up in a world of top-quality food production, she now makes it her own strength. Here, the batter for the crêpes is still made by hand (known as "à la mode coz"), the buckwheat flour used for her savoury dishes (galettes) is specially ground.

La Crêperie de Jeanne: quirky, modern, one for the food-lovers...

In this contemporary, streamlined setting, the simple act of reading the menu will whet your appetite. It promises a journey of gastronomic delights.

In harmony with the seasons, new creations and combinations are on offer. First, your eyes digest the dishes presented to you and then - it’s a taste sensation on your tastebuds!

After tasting a « Léonarde » (with trout), a « Champêtre » (with its marriage of goat’s cheese and spinach) and a sweet touch of, « la Triskell » (caramel with clementine-flavoured chantilly cream, unsurprisingly an award-winner), all accompanied by a fine cider of good Breton beer, you’re sure to smile and think ’quirky, modern, one for the food-lovers - what a combination!’

A restaurant that has won the title « Crêperie Gourmande » !

The label of ’Crêperie Gourmande’ guarantees crêpes (sometimes known as ’Krampouz’) that are of high quality, made on-site by professionals, using local and regional produce, so that diners can discover all the delights of Breton specialities.

This pursuit of excellent is above all a rigorous selection of producers and craftspeople, guaranteeing optimum freshness and quality. It’s also a way of encouraging innovation and creativity, prompting people to produce original dishes for their menus.

Having won this label in November 2012, Catherine also received that same month the Silver medal for the best crêpe-maker Finistère from jury President, Dan ar Braz.

A head buzzing with ideas

Encouraged by her customers, Catherine is entering the competition again this November, to compete for the title of best crêpe-maker in Finistère (so watch this space!).

The young chef is now collaborating with a master ice-cream-maker, experimenting with new recipes and even inventing new combinations (from marshmallow to Breton butter biscuits). You’ll only need a wait a while before you can choose a dessert of a crêpe accompanied by Chuchen sorbet or a scoop of candy-floss ice-cream.

Then, there are her personal favourites, ingredients such as rhubarb, trout and trout caviar, to which she returns time after time. She has worked with them in different ways already in her house specialities, but Catherine hopes to bring them into the limelight.

Here, both sweet and savoury crêpes become the subject of culinary artistry that is in its own league. Catherine, behind her crêpe hotplates (known as a ’Billig’ or ’Galétière’) with her utensils in hand, ensures that the door to her hospitality is always open.

La Crêperie de Jeanne is also on various social networking sites, so after coming here to taste the dishes, you can comment on them, share your thoughts and even your pictures on Facebook, TripAdvisor and more.

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