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Romanesque Crypt in Lanmeur Church

There are precious few traces of Romanesque Art in Brittany, so Lanmeur Crypt is particularly precious.

Lanmeur is custodian of two of the few remaining examples of Romanesque Art in Brittany.

crypte romane à Lanmeur, Bretagne

The Parish Church is built over a Pre-Roman Crypt that is one of the oldest in Brittany. The Crypt was constructed to protect the relics of Saint-Mélar, whose story is told in the sculptures within the Church itself.
The Crypt consists of three small naves whose vaulted ceilings are supported by sculpted pillars. A fountain - that almost certainly pre-dates the building - is said to have been used by ancient Druids and still runs to this day.
You can visit the Crypt whenever the Church is open, by way of an underground staircase - take some small change with you for the lighting.

Take a look at a video about the Crypt and Saint-Melar