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Scuba Diving in Morlaix Bay

When you’re visiting Brittany, seaside holidays offer the perfect excuse for having a go at underwater activities you’ve always wanted to try. Whether it’s a trial session, a diving course or an underwater outing, all the treasures of the depths of Morlaix Bay are just within your reach...

Seaside holidays: the excitement of diving

Children are often the first to volunteer when it comes to discovering the underwater world of silence. Free-diving just by holding their own breath, their eyes will be wide open as they take in the first thrills of this new sensation - that will almost certainly develop into a passion.

Diving in Brittany?

Unlike many of the other over-exploited spots for diving, Morlaix Bay in North Finistère is protected from the swells and storms, meaning that you can dive here all year round. Scuba diving in Brittany is just as thrilling as in other areas and is often more enjoyable.

chateau du taureau, Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne

This area is sprinkled with tiny islands, including l’île Louët, Château du Taureau and countless other islands dotted along the horizon (île Callot, île aux Dames, île Verte, île Noire, île Ricard, île de Sable). Morlaix Bay is also home to the famous Bird Reserve.

The waters are here have a rich mixture of fresh water from the rivers and the salt waters of the sea, enabling a unique blend of flora and fauna to develop here.

Discovering the Underwater World of Morlaix Bay!

When you go diving in this bay, the marine biologist in you will start to stir. As well as the fields of kelp, the diversity of the sponges, anemones, starfish, and - a little further, in the 20-metre zone - the coloured seafans will certainly fascinate you.

plongée en Baie de Morlaix, Bretagne

The crustaceans (crabs, spider crabs), the ’Blue Breton Lobster’, the scallops, and abalones are everywhere you look. Other fish of the sort you find in the finest restaurants are also in plentiful supply, from seabass to sea bream, dogfish and monkfish.

Some other underwater residents of Morlaix Bay might also keep you company, such as the colony of grey seal who have settled in the bay, or the dolphins or even basking sharks.

For the more experienced divers, the shipwrecks (such as the Aboukir Bay) can bring an added interest to a trip.

From a first trial to a scuba diving course

Morlaix Bay is a great place to safely try your first go at diving. It only takes a short boat trip of a few minutes to reach the diving zone safely. From here you can dive down from 5 metres to 40 metres.

Scuba Diving is limited to 60 metres, and is split into 4 levels:

  • N1: supervised diving up to 20 metres, or 10 metres unsupervised.
  • N2: supervised diving up to 40 metres, or unsupervised diving up to 20 metres.
  • N3: supervised diving up to 60 metres.
  • N4 : unsupervised diving up to 60 metres, and supervision for lesser levels.

The Plougasnou Diving School offers trial sessions, courses and also flipper trips and snorkelling.

Get underwater without getting wet!

To get a glimpse into this fascinating underwater world without getting wet, you can simply head to the Maritime Museum in Carantec. Here you’ll discover a magnificent collection of objects brought up from the ocean depths, learn about local maritime history and enjoy temporary exhibitions.