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Take up the golf challenge in Brittany!

Golf: a sport that’s far more accessible than you might think.
Here’s a sport that’s surrounded by well-established preconceptions: elitist, expensive, rather stiff, inaccessible and not very physical... you’ve probably heard it all. Yet golf is, above all, a game, and with that comes having fun, sharing an experience and enjoying yourself, all things that help to improve your sense of well-being. Why miss out on all that?

To find out a little more, we went to meet a group of novice golfers. A few months ago they decided to discover this well-established sport for themselves.

Let’s set the scene

it’s a Thursday morning, and the 9-hole golf course at Carantec has woken up in good spirits. The only soundtrack comes from the rolling waves on Clouët beach, the singing birds in the nearby woods and the gentle bounce of small white golf balls… relaxation guaranteed! On the driving range (where people practice) we join a team of diligent individuals, scrupulously following the instructions from Stéphane, who has been a golf instructor at Carantec for 10 years.

Golf de Carantec, Bretagne

Three questions to those recently bitten by the golfing bug

What made you want to play golf and what do you like about the sport?
Michel, an experienced sailor who was always more likely to be found on the waves than on the green, is the first to respond: “I first had a go at golf to keep my son-in-law company. I realised that this sport is great at strengthening relationships and allows you to meet new people very easily. It hardly matters if you see people again or not, it’s all about a nice moment in time.”

Another player, Yannick, travels from Plougasnou to enjoy the game.
“I enjoy time here because it’s a break from routine and from work, a chance to forget your worries and clear your mind. It quickly becomes a passion because there’s endless scope for improvement.”

There’s another Michel, who, since his retirement, had been looking for a way to make the most of his free time. “I’ve got loads of friends who are totally hooked on golf, and they talked about it all the time. That made me want to have a go myself.”

“Personally, I wanted to find some sort of walking activity in a calm, pleasant setting,” volunteers Jean. “What I love most is the friendliness on the golf course. There’s also a fun side as there’s a challenge, a sense of competition with others and also with your own scores. It’s not a sport that you can be brilliant at straight away and that’s what makes it interesting.”

“Yes, I often compare golf to music: musicians have to work at scales like golfers have to work on their swing,” adds Yannick. “It’s also time you can have to unwind in the fresh air. This spot at Carantec offers different viewpoints over the bay, and the spectacle of the sea changing with every tide helps you to escape and rediscover nature.”

What option did you choose for starting out and why?
“We chose the Beginner/Trial package. It allows you seven 1-hour sessions either on weekdays or at the weekend, outside school holidays, and is a very good price compared to other options.”

“By starting out with group lessons it also gives you a bit of rivalry because you’re progressing at the same pace, with a friendly perspective that changes everything,” explains Michel.

Yannick agrees:
“Yes, it’s true that this way, you lose your hang-ups with the others, you help each other, you enjoy spending time and chatting. We share ideas to improve our technique and it enables us to be more consistent in improving and to get over any frustrations.”

Do you have any advice for others who’d like to take up the golfing challenge?
“Don’t hesitate – come to the course and have a go! You’re always welcome – here, everyone has had to learn the ropes in the same way and we’re sometimes surprised when more experienced players take the time to give a helpful comment or two. That’s part of the whole atmosphere of golf!”

“Personally, I’d advise anyone who’s interested not to start without having a bit of professional tuition, as it’s a very technical sport and any bad habits you might pick up are really hard to rectify later on.”

Golf de Carantec, Bretagne

How can you get started on golf?

Have a go yourself with a discovery session

Includes the hire of 2 clubs and 2 golf balls, a token for the golf ball bucket, access to the putting green and to the driving range.
Price: 9 €

Try an Open Day of “Golf for All” to try it out with friends

Every year, Carantec golf course organises Open Days encouraging everyone to try the sport – for free.

Contact the Golf Club to find out the next dates.

To start and to improve in good company, the Beginner/Trial package is for you.
This option enables you to start gently, with the advantage of playing in a group.

This option includes 7 group sessions of one hour, on weekdays or at the weekend (not including school holidays).
Price: 85 €

Other options and packages are also available, such as private individual lessons, group sessions and workshops.

Contact the Golf Club

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