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Taste a pixie dish: Kig ha Farz

The tempting smell of a good Kig ha farz on the stove is in the air all over Brittany. Each household has its own recipe, yet it unites everyone around a table.

What is this Kig ha Farz, exactly?

When you have to explain Kig ha Farz, the two points on which all Bretons agree is that it the name literally means meat and stuffing and that it originally comes from the area known as Léon, a region north of Brest and west of Morlaix.

When you have to give a recipe, things become more complicated, as each person has a slightly different version, usually the one his or her own mother used - and that probably came from Grandma! One thing’s for certain: each person will proudly tell you that this particular recipe is the best!

The ingredients for the Pixie Dish

Today, everyone shares its own Kig ha Farz, a local recipe prepared from local , fresh produce.

Taste a pixie dish: Kig ha Farz

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Many restaurants offer kig ha fars on the menu or once a week, and some class it as their speciality.
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Would you like to try your hand?

Here, we suggest one of the many recipes for Kig ha farz... this one is provided by Alain Scarella and contains white flour, buckwheat flour, meat, vegetables and - of course - the liqueur lipig.

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Kig ha farz, plat traditionnel de Bretagne

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