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This Cider House Rules! The apple orchards of Cozmezou.

Let’s go on a mission to discover local flavours! Leaving from Locquirec, we head for Plestin les Grèves, then Lanmeur, until we reach the tiny hamlet of Kerbuel, where we find the magical destination of Cozmezou. Waiting for your arrival are Monsieur and Madame Hameury, the cider-makers of Cozmezou.

Cidrerie Cozmezou, Lanmeur, Plouégat-Guerrand, Bretagne

Gathering the apples

Let the fun begin! Follow the lovely Australian Shepherd dog, Galia, who always joins her owners on their outings.
The orchard is simply wonderful, a vision that changes colour throughout the seasons. Stripped of their leaves in winter, the apple trees wait for the spring… Pale rose and white blossoms arrive in spring, then the buds give way to little apples, which gradually grow and turn green or red depending on the variety. Finally, in autumn, it’s harvest time!

Cidrerie Cozmezou, pommierd, Plouégat-Guerrand, Bretagne

This orchard of 700 apple trees stretches over sur 12 acres. The ground is rocky, full of schist and shale, which helps fruit trees to grow. Here there are 7 varieties of apple trees, from sweet to slightly bitter and acid. Harvesting time depends on the variety, but happens in November and December. The apples are sorted straight from the tree.

The visit continues in the cider works…

Once they are sorted, the apples are washed and quickly grated to produce pulp. Then they are pressed: the pulp is spread on large sheets of jute (like muslin or cheesecloth). We create a total of 7 layers that can be pressed in order to extract the juice.

Next, the juice is put into a large container, where fermentation takes place over 4 to 5 months, creating the rough cider.

This is then bottled using a machine and the bubbles occur naturally in the bottle within about 2 months. These bottles are then labelled and stocked.

The Cozmezou Cider House produces dry, semi-sweet and sweet ciders, as well as apple juice, a strawberry-apple juice blend, cider vinegar and a cider-based liqueur.

At the entrance to the Cider House is the boutique selling drinks and a selection of local produce: Breton beers, honey, jams… and other small objects such as earthenware Breton cider bowls or Celtic flutes for cider-tasting in style.

Cidrerie Cozmezou, Lanmeur, Plouégat-Guerrand, Bretagne

The Cozmezou Cider House also sets up shop in summer in the markets of Locquirec (Wednesday morning) and Plestin les Grèves (Tuesday evenings). You can also find their delicious produce in shops throughout the area.

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