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This year’s ‘Entre Terre et Mer’ Festival to feature star sailboats

From the 2nd to the 5th of July the ‘Entre Terre et Mer’ Festival (‘Between Land and Sea’) is bringing out the big sails! Some 200 boats are expected to join the event that spans from Roscoff to Morlaix, and the maritime side of this year’s festival looks set to put on an exceptional show. An event that has always known how to impress with its blend of maritime and culinary prowess, the 2015 ‘Entre Terre et Mer’ is gearing up to be the best yet!

After its first edition in 2011 and building on its success in 2013, this spectacular Land and Sea Festival is pulling out all the stops this year. For the first time since the Festival began, Morlaix Bay will be welcoming a fleet of classic sailboats that will light up the waters, delighting sailing enthusiasts and making the Bay even more photogenic than ever!

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entre terre et mer, bateaux en baie de Morlaix

Gathering in the glittering waters there will be the Reder Mor, Eulalie, Corentin, Notre-Dame de Rumengol, Mousehole, Étoile Manureva, Sav-Heol and San’t Chireg, all well-known ships that are classic, beautiful and graceful, many hoisting the classic terracotta-red sails of the region. Visitors will also be treated to the sight of La Recouvrance – the ambassador Schooner of Brest, a replica of an 1817 vessel, with its streamlined shape and multiple white sails – plus the amazing Hydrograaf, the famous 1910 Dutch steam ship that was built for hydrographic research. One of the largest classic steamships in The Netherlands, the Hydrograaf is also known as ‘The Queen’s Boat’ because it was used by the Dutch royal family and it is easily spotted with its striking yellow funnels.

All of these iconic ships will be accompanied by a flotilla of beautiful pleasure boats that blend elegance with performance. In the wake of these craft there will be several smaller fleets including sixty or more sailing rowboats, superb little boats that can use either sails or oars to speed along the waves.

entre terre et mer, bateaux en baie de Morlaix

The heart of these Morlaix festivities will be in the old tobacco factory, Manufacture des Tabacs, an iconic site in the town. The main courtyard of the site will become a 3,000m² showground celebrating the diversity of local food production from oysters to vegetables to livestock, as well as hosting various children’s activities. Of course, local produce and foodie delights always play a large part in the biennial ‘Entre Terre et Mer’ celebrations. A new interactive show is on offer thanks to Flyin’ Chef, who specialises in culinary shows. Workshops and cookery demonstrations from great chefs together with well-known local chefs are all on the programme, based around the core ingredients of the fresh local produce for which Morlaix Bay is so famous.

fete entre terre et mer, morlaix

And of course, live music, Breton Fest-Noz parties and artistic performances are also on the menu. Whether you’re a food-loving landlubber or a fan of the high seas, you mustn’t miss this year’s ‘Entre Terre et Mer’!

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Photos : Scott Davis.