boite à outils

Travel throughout the seasons

Do you love travelling off-season and off the beaten track? If you do, we have some good news for you, because here in Morlaix Bay, there’s always something to do, no matter what the time of year.

Here’s a selection of activities that you can try all year round and in any weather!

Absorb a little culture in some exceptional sites...

The Maisons à Pondalez, timbered houses that are only found in one place in the whole world and that’s Morlaix. This unusual architecture is well worth discovering.

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Maison à Pondalez, Morlaix

Les Jacobins, Morlaix Museum: temporary exhibitions with high-quality displays all year.

The Cairn at Barnenez, an impressive megalithic burial chamber that is older than the Egyptian pyramids. There’s the added bonus of a fantastic panormaic view across Morlaix Bay from up here!

The Abbaye du Relec, a secret and sacred place nestling at the feet of the Arrée Mountains, a wonderful spot for meditating and for recharging your spiritual batteries.

Admire all the Architectural Treasures

Brittany’s Enclos Paroissiaux are hard to imagine until you’ve seen them, yet they are like history carved in stone: they are unique and fascinating churchyards with sculptures, gargoyles and grotesques that are utterly photogenic. These parish churches silently bear testament to a whole period of local history...

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enclos paroissial de Saint-Thégonnec, Bretagne

Guerlesquin, a small town with history at its heart: right in the centre you’ll find its tiny original prison (which can be visited), and Guerlesquin also still has its old market halls.

The Roman Crypt in Lanmeur Church: plunge down to the depths of history when you head to the crypt, one of very few remaining in Brittany.

Breathe in the beauty of Nature

Morlaix Bay is equally beautiful in dramatic storms and the golden light of Autumn. The beaches at Carantec, Plougasnou or Locquirec always provide spectacular scenery for your coastal walks!

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plougasnou, primel, randonnée, baie de morlaix, bretagne

Walking and Hiking are open to everyone at any time of year. The Arrée Mountains conjure up different landscapes and different moods in every season. On the coast, follow "The Saints Shore Way" or walk across at low tide to the fascinating island of Île Callot for a sense of otherworldliness.
For more information about the various walks and hiking paths, simply ask at Morlaix’s Tourist Office.

Sporty activities

Hire a bike in Morlaix or Carantec and head off to enjoy the wonderful countryside of the Arrée Mountains and Morlaix Bay. One of the national network of Green Ways, the Voie Verte n°7, is easily accessible and offers a safe and peaceful cycle path where only cyclists, pedestrians and horse-riders are allowed.

Fancy a round of Golf? This 9-hole course is right by the sea, you could hardly dream up a better setting! Here in Carantec, sport and nature go hand in hand!

The horse-riding centres are also open all year round, ready to welcome you as a beginner or an experienced rider, giving you another way to get out and enjoy the landscape from a different perspective.

Relaxing activities

The cinemas in Morlaix and Carantec show films throughout the year, suitable for all members of the family. A great way to spend a happy couple of hours…

We also have leisure pools that are perfect for families: warm water, jacuzzi pools, water slides and paddling pools.

Espace aquatique Morlaix

Défoul’Parc: let the little ones loose! Children will be able to throw themselves onto the giant inflatables, the trampolines and other delights - you can sit back and wait until they’re worn out...

Bowling Lasergame "Le Corsaire": here there are 12 bowling alleys and a 300m² Lasergame area. Sure to cause a sensation!

Enjoy the local specialities...

Cider, oysters, organic bread, traditional preserves…: trying and tasting the local goodies is almost compulsory - how else can you really appreciate France?

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conserverie la chikolodenn carantec bretagne

Local Markets: all year round come rain or shine the market-stall-holders will still raise a smile and happily guide you through the best of their produce.

Shopping in town

Art Galleries and Brocantes, are great places to browse through for a spot of bargain-hunting.

The shops, will always have some treats so you can indulge yourself - and the rest of the family.

And don’t forget, every month of the year, there are exhibitions, concerts, Fest Noz, and other events... take a look at our What’s On Listing (in French).