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Voies Vertes: the Green Ways

Get a taste of the Green Stuff this holiday! What could be more invigorating than discovering the surroundings by meandering along tranquil Green Ways, taking you past sites of heritage, natural beauty, culture and even encounters with the locals.

On foot, on bike, whatever you prefer, but be on your way and at one with Nature!

A place for taking it easy

Green Way 7 belongs to a whole network of bike trails and green ways in Brittany, most of which have been created on the foundations of old railway tracks - so they are perfect for those of us who prefer a rather level playing field when exploring.
The Green Way - or Voie Verte in French - is open to walkers, cyclists, wheelchair users and horseriders to make the most of a leafy, green and sheltered track. You can imagine that they are ideal for families.
This itinerary brings you closer to nature, in a protected environment between Morlaix Bay and the Arrée Mountains.

vélo sur la voie verte Monts d'Arrée, Morlaix, Bretagne

How can I get onto the Green Way?

The Green Way - or Voie Verte - is accessible:

Please note: the trail towards Roscoff has not yet been confirmed. In case of difficulty, please head back towards the bridge Pont de la Corde.
Discover the whole outline of the Voie Verte.

Hire a bike at the Tourist Office in Morlaix

If you feel that pushbikes are beyond you, you’ll be happy to learn that there are even electric-powered bikes to boost you on your way. Choose whichever best suits your needs...

Maybe you could travel by bike and by train?

The Brittany Regional Railway (TER) operates between Morlaix and Roscoff, so you can even catch the train, taking your bike with you, and get even more from your visit.
Visit the website of TER Bretagne

A few more photos

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