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A taste of Morlaix Bay

Famous for fabulous food, France has plenty to tempt the tastebuds – so how about a tasting tour around Morlaix Bay? With our abundant coastline, fertile soil and inventive, award-winning chefs, there’s no shortage of temptation!

Local specialities

If you’re visiting France, you’re honour-bound to taste some of the local specialities, and we’re convinced that if it’s a cultural exercise, the calories don’t count!

Kouign Amann, Brittany food

Start with the great Breton favourite Kouign Amann, which featured on The Great British Bake-Off. It started in 1863 in west Brittany when a baker had run out of cakes and had to invent a sweet dish using just flour, butter and sugar. This layered, flaky pastry is soft and oozing at the centre, crispy and caramelised on the outside. It is sold by weight, and rest assured, you won’t need very much!

Look at this Kouign Amann’s recipe!

Of course, the most famous Breton speciality is the crêpe, and we have fantastic crêperies in this area. To guarantee an authentic experience, opt for one of our crêperies gourmandes that focus on know-how, culinary talent and local ingredients. Remember, crêpes can be savoury or sweet, so you can easily enjoy a 3-course crêpe meal, ideally accompanied by a small earthenware ‘bolée’ of local cider. Some of the combinations are irresistible: blue cheese and pear, goat’s cheese and honey or the classic ham, egg and cheese (known as a complete), while sweet versions include apples with caramel, banana and chocolate or the delicious dark chocolate and toasted almonds.

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Kig ha farz, plat traditionnel de Bretagne

More savoury than sweet? The celebrated peasant dish Kig ha Farz is a hearty pork and vegetable casserole that’s truly filling and satisfying. Buy the ingredients locally from the markets (see below) or in Carantec’s La Chiklodenn or Le Puits de jeanne you can buy a ready-made Kig ha Farz - heat it up and eat it up!

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kig ha farz en conserves

Fresh from the markets

Browsing an open-air market is surely one of the great joys of visiting France. Most towns have weekly markets, and there are additional summer markets in the evening, all with brightly-coloured displays of local fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, handmade crafts and irresistible breads.

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markets, marchés de pays, Morlaix, Bretagne, Brittany, Finistere

Here in Morlaix Bay, we’ve plenty of weekly markets so here’s your daily line-up:
• Tuesday in Plougasnou, in the church square
• Wednesday in Locquirec on the picturesque port
• Thursday in Carantec, famous for its lobster and oysters or the small Thursday market in Saint-Jean-du-Doigt
• Friday in the centre of Lanmeur
• On Saturday, you simply must come to historic Morlaix centre, where your market-stall browsing is framed by ancient timbered buildings
• On a Sunday, when it’s quiet everywhere else, head to Saint-Martin-des-Champs and be tempted by hot rotisserie chicken and still-warm bread.

Remember that in France, markets are a morning affair, so be sure to arrive before lunch!

See the experts at work

As this area is a haven for food-lovers and professional chefs, it’s a perfect place to see the experts in action. We have Michelin-starred chefs, oyster specialists in Carantec, and countless market gardeners producing the fresh produce we’re so proud of.

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Cidrerie Cozmezou, Lanmeur, Plouégat-Guerrand, Bretagne

For an open-air visit, head to Cozmezou Cider near Lanmeur, to Domaine de Kerveguen in Guimaëc or visit Paul and Yvette Le Moal’s B&B in Plouezoc’h, where they proudly produce their own cider on-site.

Or how about sweet treats? Head to Carantec and find O’Gourmandise run by chocolatier and pastry chef Stéphane Giraud. Yield to temptation and try the delicate macarons, exquisite chocolate creations and mouth-watering pastries. Remember, when it’s for a cultural experience, the calories probably don’t count at all….

If you’ve found any irresistible treats on holiday in Morlaix Bay, share your photos with us by email or on Pinterest – we’d love to see them!