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"Saint Jean du Doigt, between myth and reality"

This small village, a gem of greenery just a stone’s throw from the sea, harbours countless treasures - and we invite you to come and discover them...

The history of the Churchyard

saint jean du doigt, Plougasnou, Bretagne
When you arrive at Saint Jean du Doigt, you’ll see, nestling in the valley, a perfect example of a enclos paroissial - a parish churchyard of particular architectural interest. Here you’ll find a monumental church surrounded by its graveyard, a triumphal arc, a fountain, a stone cross monument, an ossuary and an oratory all combine to form this superb example of flamboyant Gothic styling.
This rural village owes its fame to the religious relic, the finger of St John the Baptist, who arrived in the 15th century following a series of strange events. Very soon the reputation and the wealth of the town grew, founded on the miracles that seemed to be due to this relic. In 1505, Queen Anne of Brittany - who had heard about the healings and miracles - undertook a pilgrimage to this sacred place in order to place the holy finger on her injured eye. It is said that she was instantly cured.

The great religious pardon of Saint Jean

Ever since this miralce, the loca people have celebrated the relic during the grand religious pardon of Saint Jean-Baptiste. On the last Sunday in June, once mass is over, a procession forms, with people dressed in traditional costume, gathering at the fountain where a large pyramid of dried earth is set alight. After this, and only on this day of the year, believers can come to admire the relic. Don’t miss this incredible annual event, that begins at 2pm, see the programme for details.

The Violin Festival

At Saint Jean du Doigt, the locals also celebrate the violin. Each year, you can enjoy performances by professional violinists and amateurs.
The programme: an outdoor gathering of violinists, concerts of classical and traditional music, Latin-Amercian and even Celtic tunes. For more details, see Fête du Violon


A great site for walking, Saint Jean du Doigt offers many signposted trails that take you from the coast to the country: the coastal path known as the GR34, Runglaz Point, la Vallée des Moulins, Pont ar Gler and more.

The Painters’ House

Before you leave, be sure to take a look at the Maison des Peintres, where eclectic exhibitions will offer more than a few surprises.
Summer exhibitions, every day 3pm to 7pm - for details see the programme.
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