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"ici et là", Restaurants made in Brittany !

These restaurants are where all the flavours of the earth are united with flair, creativity and know-how, presented to you so that you can savour them in a relaxing and comfortable setting.

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Le Puits de Jeanne in Plouégat-Moysan
Alain and Mireille Scarella invite you to their traditional farmhouse auberge. Here you can discover the delights of local cuisine including the famous Kig ha Farz, you can taste the home-made cider and of course crêpes.
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Mireille et Alain Scarella

Something of a love story

Fiercely proud of Brittany, its produce and its heritage, the chefs of Restaurants du Terroir invite you to come and taste the best the region has to offer. Let youself be guided by their knowledge and inventiveness, these chefs are passionate and inspiring.

A mark of quality

Ici et là, restaurants du terroir

Our promises to our clients :

  • an encounter with those who are passionate about their creations
  • the chance to discover Breton culinary heritage combined with contemporary creativity
  • a partnership with local and regional producers and a commitment to use as much local produce as possible
  • a real desire to encourage people to discover and enjoy Brittany

In order to be selected for this label, each restaurant has to pass an independent inspection.

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Ici et là, restaurants du terroir