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Trégor Rural Museum: centuries’ worth of rural history

Trégor Rural Museum (known in French as ’Le musée rural du Trégor’) nestles in a place called Prajou near Guimaëc and it’s about as far as you can get from modern art. This magical place seems rather like Ali Baba’s cave thanks to all its hidden treasures that transport visitors through several centuries of working and living off the land, everyday treasures with their own stories to tell.

Keeping alive the memories of the 1900s

musée rural du tregor, Guimaec, Locquirec, Bretagne Nearly 2500 tools have been categorised and cared for in the Trégor Rural Museum. They have been given their own commentaries by those responsible for the museum - all volunteers - and you can read all about them during a visit of around an hour. It’s easy to understand the hardships of working the land and the skills that are all but lost. One of the challenges that this museum sets itself is to save the values and skills of our living heritage, while conserving the authentic nature of this wonderful collection of old tools.

Come and discover a valley

vaches prajou, Guimaec, Locquirec, Bretagne The Trégor Rural Museum is just one of three delights to discover here. After you’ve visited the museum itself, you’ll find Trobodec Valley, a green and shady spot that welcomes you for an unforgettable walk by the crysal waters of the stream that runs to the sea.
As you enjoy this walk, you’ll probably meet a couple of fine cattle with majestic horns and their offspring, all examples of Scottish Highland Cattle here in Brittany. Their job is to manage the grass by slowly munching their way through the pastures.
moulin du prajou, Guimaec, Locquirec, Bretagne Anyone walking here can also pause to admire Trobodec Water Mill and its ever-turning wheel. The signposted trail will take you to a rest area with its monument to the Var Resistance. From this spot you get a fantastic view over Vénizella port and the coastal point known as Beg an Fry.

The museum is open on Tuesday and Friday afternoons (2-6pm) from September to June.
plage de Venizella, Guimaec, Locquirec