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A weekend to get to know Morlaix Bay

Take two days to listen to all that the Monts d’Arrée, the parish churchyards and the Bay itself have to tell you; two days to feel the force of the elements...

Begin at the coast, where Morlaix Bay opens up to you

Carantec and its surroundings

All aboard! Adventurous souls are going to adore the boat trip to the Château du Taureau->article222] that leaves from Carantec.
Walkers and those who are curious by nature will also appreciate the natural wonder of walking across the sea bed at low tide to reach île Callot. Allow two and a half hours to have a good look around.

The coastal point of Pen an Lann offers magnificents views across to Île Louët, the Château du Taureau and the tiny islands sprinkled throughout the Bay.
Come back to Morlaix by car along the breath-taking coastal road known as the Route de la Corniche, allowing time to stop off at Locquénolé, on the riverside. Cross Morlaix and you’ll find that the Route continues on the other side. It eventually takes you to the oyster port of Dourduff-en-mer where you can find fresh oysters whenever you wish![au départ de Carantec (1h30-2h).

Around Plougasnou and Locquirec

Here’s a visit steeped in history, thanks to the Cairn de Barnénez, one of the world’s oldest historic monuments - even older than the Pyramids! From this historical site you can also get an unforgettable view over Morlaix Bay, feeling as if you’re on top of the world.
The coast reveals various creeks, coves and sandy beaches, most of which can be accessed by car, making them all the more tempting...
Continue along this trail towards the majestic Pointe de Primel, which dominates the entrance to the Baie du Diben.
As you continue towards Locquirec, you’ll pass the curious features of the parish church at Saint-Jean-du-Doigt.
Next, follow the signs for Guimaëc, where you’ll find the Musée Rural du Trégor and a coastal trail that is not for the faint-hearted! For a more leisurely option head for the beach called Plage de Venizella which feels like a taste of paradise.
Before arriving in Locquirec, you’ll pass Lanmeur Church; take a coin and you can light up the wonderful historic crypt…a truly unforgettable and timeless experience.
Finish your day with a walk along Locquirec point, before finding yourself a pleasant spot to sit facing the port and enjoy the sunset.

"By Rail and By Sea", another side to Morlaix Bay

Treat yourself to a complete discovery day that includes all the landscapes of Morlaix Bay in an original package: by foot, by train and by boat!
Find out all about "By Rail and By Sea"

On the second day, take up the challenge of the Arrée Mountains, here legends and marvels await…

Before leaving Morlaix, explore the town centre using the circuit offered by the Tourist Office. You can also visit the town by bike.
Next, head off for the unusual parish churches of Saint-Thégonnec and Plounéour-Ménez.
You are now coming into the Monts d’Arrée, land of enchanted forests and open moors… The Abbaye du Relec is a peaceful spot, perfect for a lunch break whether you’re eating in the restaurant or enjoying your own picnic.
If you pop into the Musée du Loup you’ll discover a museum dedicated to wolves, filled with tales for children and local legends.

Continue towards Plongonven, where you can get onto the Green Way (only for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders) then Plouigneau. Le Village Breton welcomes you to explore its shops, school and farm machinery all from days gone by - it’s a wonderful collection that takes you back to the 19th century.
Finish your day at Guerlesquin, a quaint little town drenched in character and history. Here you’ll also fin the last surviving example of a town square with its three emblems from the old Régime: the market halls, the church and its own prison.