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Tried and Tested: Écopark Adventures in Penzé !

Are you looking for ideas for an unforgettable day out with family or friends? Carantec Tourist Office has tried and tested a leisure activity that’s still rather a secret gem with a growing number of fans: a playground in the trees at Penzé’s Ecopark Adventures!
We grabbed out trainers and went to launch ourselves from ancient trees in Penzé forest. Here’s a little summary of a very unusual day out...

One Sunday, early afternoon, with clement weather and a light wind: ideal conditions for the joys of tree climbing and zip-wires.

Step 1: get kitted out and briefed

Ecopark adventures Penzé, Taulé The tree-top playground in Penzé is designed to bepratical and enjoyed independently, which menas respecting a certain number of security rules and having the right equipement. After having slipped on a safety harness provided at reception, you head for the briefing zone - compulsory for beginners and for those who have been before. This zone has several exercises laid out on the ground so that you can learn the essential techniques and rules for your tree-top adventures.
After this session, there’s no holding you back: you’ll be able to handle the kit, follow the safety lines and above all follow the golden rule - always ensure you’re attached by two snap-clasp carabiners! You now have everything you need, you simply have to get out there and put it into practice.

Step 2: show me the trail you choose, and I’ll show you who you are...

There are four trails to choose from, giving 60 stations to cover every taste and level of ability. From 6 to 66 years old, sporty or not, cautious or risk-taker, everyone will find something to suit.

  • Discovery Trail: your first Tarzan experience!
    Ecopark adventures Penzé, Taulé Advised for beginners and children, the whole range is here: zip wire, fallen logs, rope bridges, the giant leaps... a variety of not-too-stressful challenges so that you can take your first steps towards Tarzan-hood.
  • Family Trail: get climbing! This trail can be enjoyed by the whole family, with stations going up a level, putting you in the heart of the forest. Balancing exercises are followed by increasingly exciting challenges: the net tunnel, swinging log, cable car and more...
  • Adventure Trail: up and up!
    Ecopark adventures Penzé, Taulé To fly above the forest used to only happen in your dreams - not any more! Don’t leave without having tried the biggest zip-wire in Brittany: 300 metres of happiness above the trees and the Penzé river!
  • Sports Trail: for hardcore tree-challenge fans For those who like a challenge, this includes the Tarzan Jump, trapeze, wobble boards and more - your muscles will be put to the test on this one. Let one fo the team know before you begin this trail.
    Ecopark adventures Penzé, Taulé
    In Penzé, you have unlimited access to the trails; you can go back to your favourites as many times as you want. Allow about 30 to 40 minutes for each trail.
    It’s best, therefore, to allow a whole day here, even having lunch nearby or enjoying your own picnic if you prefer, but stay the whole day and you’re sure to go home with some memories to last forever.

How about all the safety issues?

In summer, eight trained team-members are available and ready to step in if there’s any difficulty at all. For children, the minimum age is 6 years old. Children aged between 6 and 8 must been accompanied by an adult at all times. Juniors (9-15 years) can go round on their own as long as their parents have given written consent.

Why come to the Ecopark?

You’ll be amazed by the peace and beauty of this site, home to many species of ancient trees. The park is particularly committed to protecting this special place. There are no nails or screws that risk damaging the trees, and the stations have been installed using a self-clamping techniques. Three specific checks are carried out every year by a forester expert to ensure that the installations confirm to all the required standards.
To learn more about the forest, discover the songs of the forest birds in the sound boxes you’ll notice throughout the trails.

Come and try the adventure for yourself!

Opening hours: April-October, open Wednesdays, weekends and Bank Holidays plus every day in school holidays, from 1pm to 7.30pm and right through until 10.30pm during summer.

Prices - including unlimited access :

Group rates* : 18 € for adults, 14 € for juniors, 9 € for children.
* minimum of 8 people / Participants in each price-bracket, paying as a group.

Contact details

Tel : 02 98 79 03 21 / Email :
Route Nationale, 29670 Penzé – Taulé
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Practical Info:

We advise that you wear comfortable, flexible clothing, laced footwear, and that you tie back your hair if it’s long.
Picnic spot on-site
Parking nearby in the town