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Fly-fishing in Morlaix Bay

Anyone fond of fly-fishing will find a veritable paradise in the Pays de Morlaix - it’s a great spot for the sport!

The Rivers

Just at the entrance to Morlaix and not too far from its beaches, the wild valleys - practically hidden from view - allow families to combine beach breaks with fishing tranquillity. Simply follow a bend in the river and you might catch a glimpse of a Kingfisher, an otter or a leaping salmon...

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peche à la mouche en riviere, monts d’arrée, Morlaix, Bretagne

This area includes 133 000 hectares and 3 major waterways (from East to West): the Douron, the rivers of Morlaix (Dourduff, Jarlot, Queffleuth and Tromorgant) plus the Penzé, to which you can also add a number of coastal streams.

These waterways are nearly all sourced in the Arrée Mountains. Their clear waters are home to a significant number of species and their biodiversity is crucial. It’s home to the wild trout (Salmo trutta fario) and the seawater trout (Salmo trutta trutta) as well as the Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar).

All of the local waterways are managed by an organisation called AAPPMA, overseeing the fishing management, quality of the waters including pollution monitoring. Despite their modest size, many of our waterways lend themselves beautifully to fly-fishing, particularly on the lower levels of the Penzé, the Douron, the Jarlot and the Queffleuth. Here, insects are plentiful from the middle of springtime and traditional fly-fishing reigns from mid-April to mid-September.

Sea fishing

For those who prefer to operate from a boat, Morlaix Bay is great spot, given its rocky outcrops and countless islands and (Callot, Stérec, Ricard, aux Dames…). These provide a great sporting ground, with stunning marine depths that vary from rocks to clear sands, sea eels, spreads of eelgrass and kelp.

Seabass move according to the tides and tracking them is a sport for the passionate fisherman. You’re right in the heart of nature at its unspoilt best, home to many protected seabirds.

Morlaix Bay and the Côte des Bruyères are the kingdom of Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) but also home to many other beautiful fish such as mackerel and garfish. These fish are happy to pursue their own prey right up into the estuaries (Rade de Morlaix, anse du Dourduff, Baie de Locquirec) and devour sprats, sardines and shrimp as far as the saltwater will allow.

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