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Green Way 7: discover North Finistère by bike

Background info

A Green Way (or ‘Voie Verte’ in French) is a route for non-motorised vehicles that’s perfect for pedestrians, wheelchair-users, cyclists, horse-riders and often roller-skaters, where the surface is suitable. It might be a former towpath or even a long-abandoned railway track that has been renovated for discovering the landscape at your own pace.
vélo sur la voie verte Monts d'Arrée, Morlaix, Bretagne
A ‘Véloroute’ uses sections of road that have light traffic. Mostly aimed at cyclists, these routes connect various regions and cross through towns in the best, safest way. This itinerary includes both longer and shorter sections and uses Green Ways wherever possible.

Green Way 7 : across Finistere

The Green Way number 7 is labelled as the V7, and is the ‘Trans-Finistérienne’, connecting from Roscoff in the north to Rosporden in the south, over some 130km.
It includes part of the Eurovélo number 1 (an 8200 km European Véloroute running the length of the coasts) connecting the north of Europe (Norway – Cap Nord) to Portugal (Sagres – in the South), by way of Ireland and England. It is also part of the new Vélodyssée (Roscoff to Hendaye –1200km, open from June 2012).
port de penzé, rivière de Morlaix, Bretagne
Le Morlaix-Roscoff section (30.5 km) is notable for a first section of Véloroute through shaded waterside valleys, up to the Pont de la Corde bridge, then a second section on the Green Way towards the former Bishop’s Palace of Saint-Pol de Léon before arriving in the cobbled streets and picturesque centre of Roscoff, home of the onion-sellers (with a stop in Bloscon for those wishing to head to England or Ireland). The panoramic views over Morlaix Bay are extraordinary.

Le Morlaix-Carhaix section (48 km) is made from a former railway line, renovated in 2008. This link passes through the undergrowth then rises towards to magnificent landscapes and peaks of the Arrée Mountains. It continues through green forests and farmland that descend into Carhaix, accompanied by two beauties: your bike and the natural surroundings.
vélo sur la voie verte Monts d'Arrée, Morlaix, Bretagne {JPEG}

Free your mind

For an hour-long family outing or a hike that lasts several days, the Green Way is a peaceful way to explore along with like-minded people, far from the madding crowd, and straight to the heart of this beautiful country.
Your holidays will develop at their own pace, more respectful of the environment, more economical, and with more opportunity to let go of your everyday cares, making them unforgettable and a way to free your mind while exploring.

Simplify your journey: !

Just 4 hours from Paris by the TGV high-speed train, the viaduct city of Morlaix - home to the poet Tristan Corbière - is worthy of a long, lingering visit. Its history and heritage, its alleyways, timbered houses (unique in Europe), Port, Museum, and famous Morlaix Cobblestones can all be discovered before setting off on your bike in search of the countryside and its residents. You can hire a bike at Morlaix Tourist Office in the town centre, at the foot of the Viaduct (500m from the train station), a meeting point for walkers, hikers and cyclists and the north-south junction of the V7.
vélo électrique, location à Morlaix