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Kitesurfing Fans: here are the best spots in Morlaix Bay!

Calling all kitesurfers, boardriders, kiteboarders and flysurfers: we’ve got some stunning spots just waiting for you to strut your stuff, all whilst staying in one of the most beautiful bays in Brittany. Local enthusiasts will show you the top spots where you can test your skills in the very best conditions.

Spots along the northern coast of Brittany

A word about the weather conditions in Morlaix Bay

kitesurf baie de Morlaix, Plougasnou, Primel, Locquirec

In this area of north Finistère, there are two distinct types of wind conditions: those westerly to north-westerly winds that can be stormy, and the winds from the east-northeast that are anti-cyclonic with thermal updraughts that can blow from 15 to 35 knots, creating practically ideal conditions for kitesurfing sessions.

As for your kit, a basic twin-tip model will see you right, and depending on the force of the wind, you could opt for an 8m² or a 12m² sail.

Consider a neoprene wetsuit, ideally 4/ 3mm, as the water temperature can vary from 9°C in winter to 17°C in summer.

Now, about those top spots....

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Primel-Trégastel (Plougasnou): the most friendly and regular

kitesurf baie de Morlaix, Plougasnou, Primel, Locquirec

  • Orientation: This spot is perfectly orientated with winds from North to East (to be avoided when there are offshore winds).
  • Tides: Ideal halfway between tides in order to get enough clearance from the shore. With a low or rising tide, rocky areas will be exposed. There’s no way to set off at high tide as the sand is completely covered.
  • The water: depending on the swell, it can be choppy. The spot is not very big, and can soon be absorbed by ten or fifteen kitesurfers, in which case you’ll need to set off in staggered formation.
  • Environment: There’s a hamlet built around a protected natural site, called Primel Point (a favourite with walkers and climbers). There’s a relaxed atmosphere among the regular visitors to this spot, who tend to congregate in the nearby bar after a tough session.
  • Practical Info: free car park, showers, municipal campsite, bar, restaurants.
  • NB: In July and August, one section of the beach is set aside for safe swimming, watched by lifeguards.

Saint Samson (Plougasnou): the most challenging spot

kitesurf baie de Morlaix, Plougasnou, Primel, Locquirec {JPEG}

  • Orientation: Within Morlaix Bay, this is one of the only spots facing northwest to east-northeast.
  • Tides: this spot is only accessible between tides or at two-thirds of the rising tide. At other times, several rocky areas are exposed.
  • The water: very limited space.
  • Environment: you’ll definitely appreciate the superb view over Morlaix Bay and the Château du Taureau.
  • Practical Info: free car park.
  • NB: This spot is definitely not advisable for beginners.

Saint-Jean-du-Doigt: the most accessible spot

kitesurf baie de Morlaix, Plougasnou, Primel, Locquirec

  • Orientation: Winds from the northwest to east-northeast.
  • Tides: A few rocks at low tide, but these are visible. At high tide, it’s not possible to take off or to land.
  • The water: A large beach with choppy seas and waves depending on the swell.
  • Environment: Riders appreciate the size of the beach, and the wild, jagged coastline.
  • Practical Info: free car park.
  • NB: In the summer season, look out for people swimming in the sea.

Le Fond de la Baie (Locquirec): near the spot known as ’Résidence d’Etienne Lhote’

kitesurf baie de Morlaix, Plougasnou, Primel, Locquirec

  • Orientation: westerly-northwesterly winds
  • Tides: A flat spot at low tide and at rising tide. Look out for a very strong current when the sea is rising.
  • The water: a large beach where the sea draws far back with few rocks.
  • Environment: a small tourist port on the borders of Côtes d’Armor.
  • Practical Info: free car park, municipal campsite.
  • NB: you actually need to set off from the Plage des Curés just opposite.

In Morlaix Bay, when the conditions are right, the kitesurfers are sure to be there!

The right place at the right time: there’s always someone out on the water, so don’t hesitate to join them at one of these spots to enjoy a great kiting session.

kitesurf baie de Morlaix, Plougasnou, Primel, Locquirec

With thanks to Erwan and Laurent for all their advice and for their photos.