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The pilgrimage path of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle in Locquirec

Locquirec is a starting point for the paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. This pilgrimage trail was re-opened in 2001 and gained official status on 14th May 2011 when a marker was inaugurated at Locquirec Church.

The church is dedicated to Saint-Kireg, founder of a monastery and the person after whom the town is named. The church is also dedicated to Saint-Jacques of Spain, a monk dressed as a pilgrim who arrived in Locquirec in a boat to perform miracles (protecting sailors and children). His Saint’s Day is also commemorated on the last Sunday of July by a great procession followed by a blessing of the sea, very dear to the locals.

Come and take a look around the church, built in the 12th-13th centuries, with Beaumanoir du Trégor architecture. You can admire its panelled vault with its unusual paintwork. The pilgrims and the faithful will appreciate the architectural peculiarities and can ponder the stone walkway built from local schist and littered with inscriptions.

The route to Compostelle is long. Leaving from Locquirec you head towards Morlaix, Plourin, Le Cloître St Thégonnec and the Monts d’Arrée, you will certainly discover many of the riches of Brittany’s religious heritage.