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In the spotlight: Olivier Tallec, children’s illustrator, comic artist and newspaper illustrator

Originally from Morlaix, Olivier remains very attached to Plougasnou, where he spent childhood holidays. Did the subtle shades of blue between the sea and the sky inspire his work? The artist keeps his right to be enigmatic....

Olivier Tallec, illustrateur
At a young age, he "sketched and copied terrible battle scenes; like most boys, probably"... only he went on to make a career out of it. After studying applied arts in Paris, he worked as a designer before dedicating himself to illustration.

All stories begin with meetings...

He wasn’t snapped up immediately but, by "sending off drawings left, right and centre" the famous publishers Gallimard offered him an initial children’s project, followed by another...
After that, he has had several successes including the series Rita et Machin. These adventures of a little girl and her white and red dog have become part of French culture. The series has also been translated in fifteen countries, but it was in Japan that the world of Rita and Machin was transferred into other media and merchandising - including pens and cuddly toys, bags and even a televised series.
The animated series was produced by Nippon Animation in Tokyo, and was broadcast on the NHK channel.
Plans are underway for the series to be shown in France although the date has not yet been fixed (watch this space!).
Rita et Machin, Olivier Tallec, Gallimard
Children’s publishing "is and area that is very well-developed in France, enabling a few lucky artists to make their living from it."
Today, Olivier Tallec also works for the press (Libération, Le Monde , XXI etc..), and produces comic strips (les Grands Soldats aux éditions Gallimard).
Les grands soldats, Olivier Tallec, Gallimard

Where does Brittany come into all this?

One question is niggling us: when will one of your adventures be set in Brittany? With his feet firmly on the ground, Olivier states that "the important thing is for a project to make sense before I worry about using Brittany as a pretext for working. »
So we’ll have to wait a while longer - in the meantime, take a look at his work on

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Grand Loup, Olivier Tallec, Flammarion

Photo credits : "Les grands soldats" and "Rita et Machin" published by Gallimard, "Grand Loup" by Flammarion