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Sailing and Boardsports

Catamaran, dinghy, windsurfing...?

There are countless activities all linked to the sea and each has its own attractions and challenges.

A catamaran will delight even beginners with its smooth gliding movement and impressive speeds.

In a dinghy, the fun and the challenge come from balancing all the action.

Windsurfing requires fitness, perseverance and a love of the elements.

Come and discover exactly what’s on offer - there’s something for every taste!

Dinghy and catamaran, hand in hand

A catamaran is a stable option thanks to its twin-hull design. Add to this fine weather and a fair sea and you’ll have perfect conditions for a novice. After a briefing onland, you’ll set off with a crewmember. With a catamaran you’ll soon be flying along, feeling perfectly at ease.

In a dinghy, you very quickly understand that your actions have a definite impact on the stability of your vessel. Managing your balance is vital if you want to stay dry. Yet of course, that’s where the fun lies - in the challenge! The more outings you have, the easier it becomes and the greater your confidence.

Windsurfing: timeless interaction with the elements

Is it tricky, windsurfing? It might not be as hard as you think. To help with the stability, the boards have become wider and the sails vary according to the weather conditions and expertise of the windsurfer. You’ll only need a few sessions to get going and enjoy the rush - your real goal is to acquire complete independence and be flying solo across the water.

First steps

Whichever type of sport you choose, we’ll give you all you need to have fun in complete safety. Having slipped on your lifejacket, you’ll take your first steps, learning to maneuver and turn.

Next, you’ll learn how to regulate and adapt so that you can navigate more effectively. From the very first day, you’ll be developing your skills on the water along with a skilled instructor. Thanks to his or her guidance and the equipment provided (including modern wetsuits that are warm and comfortable!) you’ll be in safe hands at all times.

The exhaustion that follows these first sessions will soont be forgotten in the company of friends or family as you tell the tales of your exploits!

Where can you have a try?

Watersports Centres offer a whole range of options: private lessons, training courses, equipment hire and more.

You could also go to a sailing school and try your hand in an Optimist, a famous mini sailing boat often called a nutshell ("coque de noix") because of its compact design. These are perfect for beginners and younger sailors.
Also consider the Jardins des mers in Carantec, the Ecole de voile in Locquirec both of which take children as young as 4 years old and help them to get their sea-legs.