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Sailing for all: boat hire and private lessons

The watersports and sailing centres in this area offer various outings and lessons to the public. You can hire a windsurf, kayak or catamaran and develop your solo skills between the tiny islands of Morlaix Bay.

If your confidence is not up to scratch, the professional teams at each centre will soon show you the ropes - or oars or sails!

Carantec Nautisme

Carantec Nautisme
Base nautique
Plage du Kelenn
29660 Carantec

Tel fixe : 02 98 67 01 12
E-mail :
Site Web :

Description :

In the heart of Morlaix Bay, our watersports centre is located on Kelenn Beach in Carantec, just next to the island of Île Callot and the offshore fortress of Château du Taureau. Whether you’re on the water or underwater, you’ll discover magical Morlaix Bay seascapes while you enjoy a lesson or a training course, or simply hire some kit and take to the sea.

Latitude : 48.6692554
Longitude : -3.9093089

École de Voile - Locquirec

École de Voile de Locquirec
Route de Plestin
BP 6
29241 Locquirec

Tel fixe : 02 98 67 44 57
E-mail :
Site Web :

Description :

The magnificent Locquirec Bay provides a totally safe environment for learning to sail. The team of instructors will help you to make the most of your experience and to discover the joys of boardsports or the techniques for Optimist sailing in regattas, for windsurfing, catamarans, and dinghies.

Latitude : 48.6866541
Longitude : -3.6530399

Société des Régates de Térénez in Plougasnou

Société des Régates de Térénez - Ecole de voile Française
Port de Térénez
39 route de Térenez
29630 Plougasnou

Tel fixe : 02 98 72 33 25
Fax : 02 98 72 33 25
E-mail :
Site Web :

Description :

Ideally situated in Morlaix Bay, this Sailing School is open all year round. On offer are various activities, from first-try sessions to perfecting your sailing techniques.
We work with pleasure boats, racing boats and also school groups, all according to national guidelines so you can trust the tuition you receive.
Our vessels include single-person sailboats, dinghies for one or two people, catamarans, windsurfs, kayaks and safety boats.

We also provide all the necessary safety equipment required for all activities.

Latitude : 48.6762836
Longitude : -3.8514375

Rêves de Mer in Saint-Pol-de-Léon

Rêves de Mer - Centre de Glisse de Santec
Plage du Dossen
585 rue Theven Bras
29250 Santec

Tel fixe : 02 98 29 40 78
E-mail :
Site Web :

Description :

Dossen Beach stretches for a fabulous 2km, perfect for all kinds of boardsports. It’s the ideal opportunity to try sand-yachting, either on your own or in a 2-seater! Let yourself get completely carried away by the wind, and head off along this beautiful stretch of sand.

Latitude : 48.6941043
Longitude : -4.0555433