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The Douaniers Coastal Path from Locquirec to Guimaëc

If there’s one walk you mustn’t miss in Brittany, it’s this one: the Sentier des Douaniers, tracing all the coast and clifftops, and the route that was long ago patrolled by the customs officers.

The section featured here runs from Locquirec to Guimaëc, a 2-hour walk that will take you from the Moulin de la Rive right to the point known as Beg an Fry.

A jagged coastline

The coast itself is jagged but very accessible for family walks - as long as you’re in suitable footwear!
plage et crique à Locquirec, Bretagne
You can admire the ever-changing landscapes and the shifting colours that alter with every hour and each passing tide, from the undergrowth to the open fields, from rocks to the sandy beaches. Keen photographers will spend hours trying to capture on camera the kind of views that take your breath away.

Off we go...

plage du moulin de la rive, Locquirec, Bretagne Leave from the beach at Moulin de la Rive, which is at the entrance to Locquirec (you’ll see a car park with a yellow and black marine beacon where you can leave your vehicle).

Here begins the famous GR 34
This coastal path winds its way above the steep cliffs, offering magnificent views over the open seas and unspoilt nature. Stop for a moment at the orientation point that overlooks the Bay and pause to admire the beauty of the natural environment.

Continue along the trail, which will now be scented with heather and broom. You’ll come to Poul Rodou beach, on the other side of Locquirec…
Take a deep breath of good sea air, then take advantage of the setting - perhaps for a long, cool drink or warming refreshments in the café-bookshop "Le Caplan" as you consider which reading material appeals - literary tomes, science, botany, poetry, children’s books and more are all on offer here.

Now refreshed, carry on along the path for about 1 hour 15 minutes towards the coastal point of Beg an Fry. The countryside here is beautiful and the coastline is majestic, leading to the very pretty Venizella beach.
plage de Venizella, Guimaec, Locquirec
Climbing a little, you’ll see a commemorative marker showing one of the most significant spots for the Resistance during the Second World War. Carry on to the rightly famous coastal point of Beg an Fry, whose captivating view will leave you speechless.

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moulin du prajou, Guimaec, Locquirec, Bretagne

Continue up to Le Prajou and you’ll find yourself in the Valley of the Water Mill at Trobodec. Here, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Highland Cattle, wonderful long-haired cows that came from Scotland many years ago.
To complete your excursion, if you can manage to climb a little higher, take advantage of the Musée Rural du Trégor: it’s a treasure trove of old tools tracing centuries of rural life and the years spent working the land.