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The Maritime Museum: everything children could want!

Like any museum, the Musée Maritime in Carantec has many hidden treasures... For families, there’s no better way of finding these gems than to visit the museum along with one of our passionate volunteers, or to discover them yourself with the help of a new booklet for children - sure to be the start of a great adventure!

The booklet - available free of charge - brings a light-hearted educational approach and might even be the start of a career on the ocean waves....

Time to explore!

To start your visit, the booklet invites you to head for the Alcide room - the Alcide being a privateer raiding ship from Saint Malo that was shipwrecked near Carantec in 1747. Find out all about François Lamontagne, a looter and privateer who, from his perch in the middle of the room, surveys the treasures lifted from the wreck: cannonballs, clay pipes, pewter plates and even a few human remains. But do you know the difference between a pirate and a privateer? Find out in the guide!

Continue your visit by exploring the saga of Carantec’s shipyards. Whether it’s for fishing, for cruising, for regattas or for lifeboats, Carantec has always been a capital of shipbuilding. Would you be able to tell a reef knot from a bowline? Yes, the answer’s in the booklet. There are even a few ropes so that children as well as adults can try their hand at copying the various knots.... but bear in mind, it takes a bit of practice!

Next, let’s take a look at the second room, which gives pride of place to the creative works of sailors. It’s like a trip around the world, discovering types of Ship-in-a-Bottle from all over the globe: a Vietnamese junk, an Inuit kayak, a dugout canoe from Tahiti or a cutter from Carantec. Every ocean has its own type of vessel.

For those of you who are more hands-on, you’ll find instructions in the booklet on how to make your own ship-in-a-bottle.

Up the stairs next, to the Exhibition room - this year, it’s dedicated to shipwrecks, beacons and rescues in Morlaix Bay. Then, head to the Viewing Room where you can enjoy films about two great Carantec stories: the diving expedition in Morlaix Bay that brought back the treasures from the Alcide on display in the museum, and the story of the greatest popular escape network to England - the Ernest Sibiril network.

After the film, cross over the road to the second part of the museum, which is entirely dedicated to the network that provided an escape route for nearly 200 people, fleeing occupied France. Each of the 16 boats that left Carantec has a story to tell, so find out all about them by plunging into history, with the soundtrack of General de Gaulle’s call to arms.

Before you head off, try the wordsearch in the book to test your new knowledge! The volunteers at the museum wanted to create not just a museum handbook, but a souvenir of your day out that you can take back home with you.

The Maritime Museum with a Family label

Famille Plus This new creation fits the bill for the tourism label of ’Famille Plus’, which was awarded to the museum in 2007. This national standard recognises towns like Carantec that are committed to welcoming families and have set up sites and facilities that perfectly suit family visitors. Here’s a list of the facilities and places particularly suitable for families visiting Carantec.

Pratical Info

Le Musée Maritime de Carantec
8 rue Albert Louppe
29660 Carantec

Tel fixe : 02 98 67 00 43
Site Web :

Latitude : 48.6677761
Longitude : -3.9142095

The museum is open from mid-June to mid-September, every day except Thursday, from 2.30pm to 6.30pm.
Unguided visit: 3€ per adult / 1.50 € children ages 12-16 years / FREE for 0–12 years.
Guided visit: 2.50€ per person, by appointment.