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The famous dish of Kig ha Farz: preserving a culinary tradition

The story begins in 2011 at the Auberge - or inn - known as "Le Puits de Jeanne", which was awarded the title of ’Restaurant du Terroir’...

Preserving a culinary tradition

Alain et Mireille Scarella
It all began back in 2011 at "Le Puits de Jeanne" awarded the label of Restaurant du Terroir. Mireille and Alain Scarella, the owners of the Auberge, wanted Bretons who had moved away to be able to enjoy their local, traditional dishes wherever they were. Thus, the idea of the "star dish" of the Auberge was born.

This typical regional dish is dear to the hearts of all north-Finistère folk, being emblematic of the region and on the menu of nearly all local restaurants.

For two years, now, Kig Ha Farz has been available in a preserved, tinned form so that Bretons who have spread their wings and flown to faraway places can take a taste of home with them to ’foreign lands’.

For Alain Scarella, a specialist when it comes to this iconic Breton dish, it is essential that his Kig Ha Farz be the most complete and precise, in order to share the different flavours that go into it. His dish is a three-in-one, sufficient to be starter, main course and dessert.

kig ha farz cuisine en Bretagne

He gets everything ready to go: the meat is in the casserole dish, garlic sausages, smoked bacon, ham hocks, leeks, carrots, onions, cabbage, stuffing and a sauce called "lipig". It’s enough to get the mouth watering already!

The land as a commitment to quality

"For me, the idea of a Restaurant du terroir is something I hold to as a measure of quality," he tells us. "I want people to be able to take away a taste of Brittany with them, thanks to the traditional cooking methods of our region. In my role as a restaurant owner, my role is very much one of sharing with others. "

kig ha farz en conserves

His Kig Ha Farz in jars and tins can be found in the "Regional dishes" section of fifteen or so shops in Finistère.
It can even be found in the boutiques of Paris thanks to the Breton brand "La Compagnie de Bretagne" which sells directly to the public as well as online.

Where did the idea come from?

You have to bear in mind that there are only two people at work here, producing this long-life Kig Ha Farz.
"In the beginning, we thought about delivering freshly-made Kig Ha Farz within 24 hours, as many people came to the Auberge and fell in love with the dish. Around 90% of our clients would order it to eat it right there and then".
But Alain realised that just the logistics of the deliveries made it an impossible scheme.
Kig Ha Farz in jars or tins was therefore his next thought: it would keep for up to three years, but would still guarantee freshness and quality. This project became reality thanks to the help of a work-experience person working alongside Mireille and Alain Scarella. Nowadays, the dish continues to please both Bretons and foreigners alike.

Kig Ha Farz is even conquering new countries, including New Caledonia, where there are already several fans!

Practical Info:

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Menu du Terroir available onsite or to take away (please book in advance).

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